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Where Can I Find My Wheel Locking Key?

If you re struggling to locate or find your wheel locking key, you can check some of these key places.

Your Wheel locking Key can sometimes be found in the spare wheel well
Often your Wheel Locking Key can be found with your spare wheel or jack. For most vehicles this is in the boot under the carpet. Don’t just have a quick glace, take a proper look as with older vehicles, or if the the has been used before, it may not be placed back where it belongs. Sometime it can fall out of its holder and be sat under the spare wheel itself.

You may also be able to find your wheel locking nut in the glove box of your car.
Some modern vehicles have a can of ‘Tyre weld’. This will temporarily fit your flat tyre to get you home. Its also worth looking for your locking key in the book of the car just in case. You will most likely still find the jack, along with your wheel locking nut, under the carpet in the boot. If you cannot find your wheel locking key in the boot, try having a look in the Glove box.

If your car is a little older, and has has a tyre change, you could possibly find your wheel locking key in a number of places. Sometimes the locking key can be found it the ash tray, drivers or passenger door card, or even under the seat. Some vehicles now have storage draws under the seat. thoroughly check these and go further to checking the actual floor too.

Although some of the most common places to find your wheel locking keys are listed above, you may still be struggling to find your wheel locking nut. Take a look in every pocket of the car, sunglasses holder by the mirror & overhead storage if you can’t find your van locking key. Last place of all is under the rear seat. You never know by looking under here you’ll be sure to find a few £’s there too!

Lastly, if you have given up hope and you want to know where you can get a new locking key, checkout our webshop and we can supply you with a new key. We also offer a wheel locking key match service: Key Matching Service as each wheel lock key is unique and specific to you car you can send us a picture and we’ll match your wheel lock nut to a suitable wheel locking key.